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Enhance your future in the field of Instrumentation and Controls, where you will find more than a job – you’ll find a rewarding career with an array of opportunities for advancement.

The 澳博下载app地址 Instrumentation and Controls Electrical program delivers a high demand skill set that is all about making things work using electric power. 学习安装, 维护, 使用, and troubleshoot electronic instruments, 电动马达, 气动系统, and a variety of control systems. This fulfilling career provides an opportunity to work alongside design engineers in developing and 维护ing control systems, as well as managing projects and ensuring that quality standards and safety measures are met.

Jobs are available in a wide variety of industries including:

  • 公用事业公司
  • Food and beverage
  • 水处理
  • 制药
  • Renewable industries
  • 化工厂
  • 大型设施 
  • 发电厂
  • 石油和天然气
  • 太空旅行
  • Semi-conductor industries

Funding is available for those looking to re-career, in addition to a variety of financial aid and scholarships.


  • Hands-on work environment
  • 学习安装, 维护 and troubleshoot automatically controlled processes


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Graduate Spotlight

Photo of 杰森 McKellips with PESCO Values poster in background

杰森 McKellips | Instrumentation Controls & Electrical Technology

Job Title: Electrical Drafter/Designer
Graduated Fall 2021
Why did you choose to go to 澳博下载app地址?
"It was local, and had the degree program I was interested in."
What did you do or are you doing to prepare for your career? 
"I was already employed with PESCO, Inc. as the electrical drafter and wanted to further my understanding and knowledge, specifically in electrical instrumentation design and function. I wanted to develop my skills further so that I could bring more to the table in terms of having direct input into the design element of the equipment we build for our customers."


What advice would you give to future graduates?
"I would say, if you are already working towards your degree stay with it. Don't let anything (burnout, etc.)让你脱轨. We tend to invest more, and put more effort into things we own - so own your decision to get educated and finish strong! If you are considering coming back to school, there's probably something prompting it - go with it, and don't look back! Like I said, own your decision and make the most of it!"
What was your fondest memory at 澳博下载app地址?
"I really liked the classes with the labs even though it was hard being at work all day and then spending the evenings away from my family while in class. Not only did I get the hands-on learning, I made some friends, both with classmates and the instructors. When you are working side by side with others toward a goal, it naturally builds some camaraderie. 也, we had a barbeque with students and instructors one of the evenings - lots of great food and getting to know each other. It made going through the program together feel like we were all in this together to accomplish our goals. It helped us see each other as partners in a common goal."