Are you interested in becoming a social worker, substance abuse counselor, domestic abuse counselor or an adult or juvenile probation officer? Maybe you’d like to assist clients at a community shelter, treatment center, senior center, or through a youth program. If you’re passionate about helping people, a degree in Human Services from San Juan College will prepare you to enter these occupations.

At SJC you’ll not only receive core foundational courses, you’ll also gain real-world knowledge and skills through a community internship practicum. Our students are making a difference in the community through service learning at over 50 regional organizations, such as: Adult and Juvenile Probation, CYFD, Farmington Police Department, Four Winds Treatment Center, Overcomers Counseling, Casa Child Advocacy and Cottonwood Clinical Services. You may have a job lined up before you even graduate!

Career Tracks

  • Generalist
  • Criminal Justice
  • Substance Abuse

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Graduate Spotlight

Jesus Grijalva standing in front of door name sign with his name and position

Jesus Grijalva | Human Services-Generalist Studies

Employer: San Juan County/ASD
Job Title: Counselor I
Graduated May 2022
Why did you choose to go to San Juan College?
"I wanted to better my life, for me SJC was a huge step in the right direction"
What did you do or are you doing to prepare for your career? 
"I was working with my hands, as I have done all my life, as a maintenance man when I saw an ad on Indeed for a peer mentor at the DWI facility in Farmington. Even though I loved my work and was making more than the starting wage I felt compelled to apply. I believed my past experiences with living the street life were for this purpose. To my astonishment I was offered the position and only by the grace of God am I able to be where I am today doing what I was born to do...using my broken past to help others build their future"
What advice would you give to future graduates?
"Don't limit yourself! Society has a way of categorizing people into quaint little boxes to be able to feel comfortable. Break out of that box and rise above all obstacles never looking back. Should you stumble on the way it's okay, get back up and keep on pushing. Every day, every hour, every second is an opportunity for something new...don't limit yourself to a neatly wrapped box."
What was your fondest memory at San Juan College?
"I remember the breakfast burritos, they were delicious and the salsa just set it off!!!"